About Us

The Lake Wononscopomuc Association was formed in 1988 to help the Town of Salisbury manage this beautiful recreational asset. As long ago as 1969, former Hotchkiss School biologist Ted Davis began testing the lake water. Since 1975 formal studies have been conducted on the causes of and remedies for the Eurasian water milfoil problem.

The association’s long-term goal is to slow the eutrophication process in the lake through coordinated lake and watershed management techniques. We hope to educate all town citizens, especially those who live in the watershed area or who own lakefront property, on the precautions they need to take to preserve, protect and improve the environment of the lake.

The association works with the Town Selectmen and the Town Grove Advisory Committee on issues that affect the lake environment and the improvement of its recreational opportunities. The association and the Hotchkiss School raised the funds to purchase an aquatic weed harvester to mitigate the effects of the Eurasian milfoil. Each year the association contributes to the cost of operating the harvester.

We provide barrier mats for the Town Grove swimming area to suppress the milfoil and make swimming possible.

The association purchased a hot water washing machine which was installed at the State Line Car Wash to help boat owners meet our requirements to keep the lake clear of zebra mussels.

We finance regular studies of the lake water quality and vegetation to help us develop our management plans.

We work with the town zoning commission to develop regulations that will protect the watershed from over development and to prevent silt and pollutants from entering the lake.

Volunteers are always needed to help with the work of preserving and protecting the lake.

Everyone is invited to join the Association.

Contributions are not only welcome but necessary for the Association to continue its work in maintaining a safe and healthy recreational environment.