State of The Lake

State of the Lake 2017

Lake Wononscopomuc was assessed monthly from May through October in 2017 at two sites located in the deep basins of the lake. The lake was found to be thermally stratified during each site visit. Resultingly, oxygen was depleted and not replenished in regions of the water column near the bottom, thus creating the environment for internal loading of phosphorus and other ions.

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Lake  Wononscopomuc

2016 Plant Community Study

Aquatic Ecosystem Research surveyed the plant community of Lake Wononscopomuc on July 9th and July 10th at the request of The Lake Wononscopomuc Association.  The results of that study are summarized below.  A more complete description of the study is presented in the remainder of this document.

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2015 Summary Water Quality Report

Aquatic Ecosystem Research

Executive Summary

 The water quality of Lake Wononscopomuc was found to be in line with other contemporary studies.  Our results indicate that the trophic status of the lake was mesotrophic as previously suggested by other authors.  During the summer of 2015, water clarity averaged ~4.0m.  Water clarity was lowest early in the season; it increased to a maximum in the month of July and subsequently diminished through October.

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