The Town of Salisbury has adopted zoning regulations like many municipalities across the country to protect public health, safety and general welfare. For those of us who value the beauty and recreational value of Lake Wononscopomuc the zoning regulations are particularly important to encourage the most appropriate use of land, to conserve property values and to regulate construction activities that may impact the lake.

The entire list of zoning reulations can be obtained from the office of the Zoning Administrator at the Salisbury Town Hall. (860-435-5190)

The lake is located in the “LA” zone which permits single family housing on one acre lots (40,000 sq. ft.) Most other uses would require a special permit.

In addition there is a Lake Overlay Zone designed to enhance protection of the lake from development or other activities that might contribute to a decline in the health of the lake known as the process of eutrophication. When sediment carrying such nutrients as phosphates or nitrogen seeps into the lake it causes excessive growth of plants and algae. That can make the lake unfit for swimming or other recreation and can cause an increase in bacteria that consumes so much oxygen fish can not survive.

These are the regulations contained in the Lake Overlay Zone. Their enforcement depends on the vigilence of us all in spotting and reporting violations to the Zoning Administrator.

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