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Also known as Lake Wononscopomuc. Nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires it is Connecticut’s deepest lake and a premiere recreational asset for swimming, sailing, canoeing and fishing in the summer and skating and cross country skiing in the winter.

Finding Us

The Grove and Lake Wononscopomuc are located at 36 Ethan Allen Street in Lakeville, just up the street from the Black Rabbit and Mizza’s Pizza (off of Rt 41).


The Launch site at the Town Grove has been closed because of the Hydrilla threat. The closure applies to car top watercraft such as kayaks, canoes and waterboards. Hydrilla is an invasive weed that creates a dense mat of vegetation in the water that smothers native plants, disturbs fishing and make swimming and boating nearly impossible. There is no efficient and acceptable method for eradicating the weed. Our best defense for Lakeville Lake is to prevent it from infecting our lake in the first place. The Town Grove has boats available for fishing, sailing, kayaking and canoeing at a modest daily rental.


Beach and Marna

From the 3rd Saturday in April to Labor Day

The Grove Office Hours: 7:00AM to 8:00PM Daily


Stacey Dodge – Director

Lisa McAuliffe, Recreation Director


Lake Wononscopomuc has been a prime recreational asset for residents of the Town of Salisbury and its many thousands of visitors for more than two centuries. But the lake environment is constantly changing and maintaining the water quality and the health of the ecosystem requires long range planning and good lake management.

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About the Association

The Lake Wononscopomuc Association was formed in 1988 to protect, preserve and improve this important scenic and recreational resource for the enjoyment of present and future generations. Our mission is to promote public awareness of potential threats to the ecological health of this lake and its watershed, to improve its water quality and to discourage the growth of invasive weeds that may threaten the safe enjoyment of the lake by our community.

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Lake Wononscopomuc Association

Board Meeting

April 20, 2024

The hydrilla problem as again discussed.

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