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State of the Lake 2023

Brawley Consulting Group, LLC (BCG) was engaged by the Lake Wononscopomuc Association (LWA) to perform an assessment of water quality in 2023.

The biannual monitoring program is one aspect of the LWA’s lake management strategy with the goal of developing a scientific database to detect changes – positive and/or negative – within the lake. The following is an outline of findings from the 2023 water quality monitoring program at Lake Wononscopomuc. Several recommendations are provided at the end of the report.
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Maintaining a Healthy Lake

What we do can make a big difference in the health and welfare of our lake. Eutrophication is the natural aging of lakes from the addition of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. They stimulate algae and aquatic plant growth. In modern times a large percentage of these nutrients enter the lake from the development of its watershed. The watershed area of Lake Wononscopomuc is the total area from which water drains into the lake. Anyone who lives within this area has an effect on the quantity of nutrients entering the lake. The key is to limit the amount of phosphorus, nitrogen and sedimentation entering the lake.
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Milfoil Treatments

Eurasian Water Milfoil is an invasive plant that has taken over parts of the lake in depths from about 3 feet to about 18 feet. The plant has been a problem in Lake Wononscopomuc since at least 1975. Each year since the Town, Hotchkiss and the association have spent up to $30,000 per year to trim the milfoil during the growing season. The plant can crowd out native plants depriving the lake of the diversity is needs to survive in a healthy state and support its normal aquatic live population.
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